We need to rasie our profile within the highly
competitive paper market.


We repositioned the AIMS brand by developing a more sophisticated identity that reflected their positioning in the paper market. From this starting point we developed literature and advertising for the international paper buying group.

Associated Independent Merchant Stockists (AIMS), is a buying and marketing organisation made up of several leading independent paper merchants. It initially approached us to re-brand the organisation and help raise its profile within the highly competitive marketplace. The added objective, being to increase member companies within the Group.
We developed a dynamic new identity, which represents each of its founder members and forms a nine-sided ‘star’. This was applied to a series of swatches for the group's extensive range of papers, which are distributed to printers throughout the UK and Ireland. Over the years, the swatches have become the group’s flagship literature, significantly raising the status of the Aims brand.
Key successes have been the increase in Aims’ profile throughout the paper and print industry, coupled with the addition of three new members to the Group.