— AIMS Creator Brochure

We need a piece of literature that truly reflects the quality of our paper.


AIMS briefed Face to develop a striking and imaginative brochure to highlight the benefits of one of its leading creative papers.

Associated Independent Merchant Stockists (AIMS), is a buying and marketing organisation made up of several leading independent paper merchants. It briefed Face to develop an upmarket brochure that highlighted the real benefits of one of its leading creative papers.
Manufactured by Spanish paper maker Torraspapel, Creator is a high-end stock much favoured by the graphic design fraternity.  Face used the paper’s heritage as its theme for the brochure, which takes the reader on a week long Spanish holiday, each day depicted by imagery and copy that reflect the true vibrancy, passion and emotions of the country and its people.
Printed on both Creator Silk and Creator Star stock the brochure was used in collaboration with a promotional campaign to really boost the profile of both the brand and AIMS within the marketplace.