— BemroseBooth

We need to attack the market as a united force.


The creation of a new name and new branding enabled BemroseBooth to unify all its operating companies and go to market as a single force across a myriad of business streams.

Following a five year management buy-out, leading specialist and secure printing services company, the Bemrose Group, consisted of three operating companies, all with different names – Bemrose Printing, Henry Booth and ESP Booth.
To enable the Group to present a single clear image and add-value to the many niche markets it operates in, we developed a new brand name – BemroseBooth – and a nomenclature system for each of the nine operating divisions that make up the single company.
A comprehensive roll-out programme included a new brand identity, corporate guidelines, a new corporate brochure to spearhead the launch of its new name, product literature, signage and e-commerce work, all culminating in a co-ordinated PR campaign announcing the new BemroseBooth name to both external and internal audiences.
The results of the name change and rebrand were highly effective in raising the profile of BemroseBooth within the various business streams, so much so, that the original buy-out team was able to attract a large corporate buyer to purchase the company, enabling them to retire as millionaires.