— Capgemini

We need to enhance our bid presentations to improve our win rate and enhance our creativity.


Face provided Capgemini Consulting with a bespoke solution to  capture the essence of their pitches.

Capgemini Consulting is the global strategy and transformation consulting brand of the Capgemini Group, specialising in advising and supporting organisations in transforming their business, from the development of innovative strategy through to execution, with a consistent focus on sustainable results.
Its UK operation recognised that having highly professional and impactful bids that differentiate the company from the competition, can have a material impact on win rates and ultimately target achievement.
Capgemini briefed Face to develop creative solutions that would enable its consulting teams, working across a myriad of sectors, to select the most appropriate presentation template, commensurate with the bid value.
Face devised a branded workbook that not only showed off its own capabilities in developing creative bid presentations, it also reflected how Capgemini’s future presentations could look.
The book clearly explained the content of each of the design templates, how the bid might look from a visual perspective and a clear timeline of how each of the templates could be achieved.
Initial design work produced for a bid has helped Capgemini progress to the next stage of the tender.