— Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVE)

We need employers and employees to
recognise how we can help them


Government body CoVE North Yorkshire turned to
face to promote its corporate network.

The CoVE programme was central to the Government’s aim to improve and develop skills for employers, which are needed to create business success and economic competitiveness.
Within Yorkshire CoVEs offer an array of specialist courses in ten key skill areas, including new and traditional areas of work, all geared to meet the skills needs of employers in that sector and in the wider economy.
The CoVE North Yorkshire Network is tasked with the corporate promotion of CoVEs and briefed face to develop collateral that would explain what they actually do and give more details on the courses available to both employers and employees throughout the region. 
We produced an innovative direct mailer that highlighted the function of CoVEs, whilst dispelling any myths relating to employee training. We also designed and produced a stylish supporting brochure that explained all the sector courses available.