— Harrow College

We need to promote our centre of excellence.


Harrow College embraced an innovative strategy to
promote one of its key provisions into a niche market.

North west London’s Harrow College is located in a highly competitive region, with many institutions vying for the target audience of 16 to 18 years looking to continue their further education.
Boasting famous alumni of Matt Lucas and Adam Ant, the college’s prestigious Art and Design department is one of its Centres of Excellence. Harrow College wanted to build on this highly creative reputation to differentiate itself amongst potential students and enhance the potential for further growth.
Face’s solution was to develop a new brand and bespoke prospectus specifically for The Art and Design department.
The branding was designed with art students in mind; the pocket-sized prospectus used bold colour ways and enhanced print techniques – clear foil blocking and embossing, as well as powerful photography to reflect the department’s strong design heritage.
The strategy has not only had a very positive effect on recruitment, the Art and Design department has been totally galvanised and the College as a whole has managed to raise its profile significantly.