Lakes College West Cumbria

We want to evolve our brand and make it more sympathetic to our marketing needs.

Lakes College had real issues with their logo and brand identity, so much so, that the previous prospectus was published without the college logo.

Lakes College is a modern traditional Further Education College based between Workington and Whitehaven on the Cumbrian coast.  The College offers mainly vocational courses, a mix of diplomas and apprenticeship courses and a small amount of HE courses. They have to compete aggressively against local schools, which are increasingly desperate to hold onto students in an area of falling demographics.
After a successful pitch in August 2009, Face were tasked with producing a new school leavers prospectus. During the development of this project, it became apparent after discussion with the college, that their then current logo was inappropriate for their needs.
From a totally pro-active position we produced a series of alternative logo designs, these took elements of the existing logo, but placed more emphasis on Lakes College and simplified the peripheral design. Combining these elements created a much cleaner looking mark, which worked more harmoniously with marketing collateral.
 We presented to a surprised marketing team and they in turn chose one to present to the Principal. The new logo gained immediate approval, and we then set about producing guidelines, which covered all aspects of the brand development. This included establishing a distinctive tone of voice to a photographic house style and house fonts based around Frankfurter for the headline font and Gotham Rounded as a general College font.
The brand is currently being rolled out across the College and recent developments have included new signage at the entrance of the building, school leavers prospectus and a re-skinned website.