— Moody

We need to look like the company we are.


Face provided international processing group Moody plc with a brand overhaul that reflected its true status.

Established for over 30 years, the Moody Group of companies are unique suppliers and service providers to the dairy, food, beverage, brewing and pharmaceutical industries. Its divisions provide engineering solutions, preventative maintenance and components that keep its customers in production.
Moody wanted its eight operating companies to have synergy within the market place, presenting a united force to the sector.
We identified that Moody needed to integrate all its operating companies under one umbrella brand to reflect its position in the marketplace. We created a new identity for all the Groups’ operating companies, applying it across company literature, stationery, signage, website, whilst giving them clear brand positioning guidelines.
The overhaul provided a strong, consistent image for Moody that is instantly recognisable and stands out within each of their business streams.