— University of Glamorgan

We need to promote a more professional image to a mature market.

In creating a vibrant and creative postgraduate prospectus for Glamorgan, Face was able to promote a professional and mature feel for the institution, whilst highlighting modern university benefits.

Based in Pontypridd, The University of Glamorgan has a thriving postgraduate community of over 3,000 students across a wide range of disciplines and levels, from part-time professional qualifications to full-time research degrees.
The University has an established reputation in the UK and internationally for high quality learning and research opportunities. It wanted to build on this reputation with the design of its 2010 prospectus to reflect a professional image of Glamorgan and appeal to a mixture of potential postgraduate students.
The prospectus also had to communicate the range of courses and research expertise at Glamorgan, guide people to its website for further information and maximise bookings on to a series of Open Evenings.
Face used an inspirational theme, combined with vibrant colourways, to capture and stimulate interest in the prospectus, whilst also portraying a professional and mature institution.
Information was clearly and cleanly laid out through the use of a strong, but flexible grid. Page spreads showed a university that is confident in itself, through modern design and the clever use of white space.
Strong photography was used throughout, whilst the use of various creative devices enabled student profiles and key facts to be pulled out and easily highlighted.
Face also adapted the powerful creative theme to work as a campaign across a range of media, capturing the interest of the different target audiences to find out more and sign up for an open evening.