Warrington Business School

We need to express our brand personality to promote our services to local business within the community.

The Warrington Business School wanted to define its brand and focus its attention on its core customers to support rapid growth. Its external image needed to be united and create a uniform, cohesive representation of the school’s identity to demonstrate purposeful brand management. From a clear platform, the business school could then communicate key messages to its stakeholders with greater accuracy, impact and more cost-efficiently.

The school already had an identity, which had been designed in-house, but this hadn’t been developed and lacked personality and form. The logo had also been designed to work out of four colours making other variations difficult to implement or control.
Our solution was to take the existing logo and rework it out of two colours, this offered an immediate saving on print.  We also developed a single colour variant, which offered even greater flexibility.
We suggested the use of two supportive fonts, Stag as a headline font and Interface for body copy, this immediately gave the logo a more pronounced personality, which along with our guidelines for the written style captured the ethos of the organisation.
We created a colour palette giving consistency across the identity programme with clear examples of good and bad practice.
We developed a photographic style, which depicted the unique, unexpected and surprising aspects of the business school.  These images created a sense of place and tried to capture all aspects of life at the institution.
We then provided templates for key pieces of collateral such as stationery, brochures, folders, PowerPoint, digital media and merchandise.