— Institute of Cancer Therapeutics

Inspiring hope and saving lives.


Developing a new brand for the Institute of Cancer Therapeutics became an impossible challenge with the solution we came up with.

The Institute of Cancer Therapeutics is devoted to the design, synthesis and evaluation of anti-cancer therapies. The primary objective is cancer medicines development from concept to clinic.
The Institute is part of the School of Life Sciences at the University of Bradford and recently transferred to a purpose built £6.5M building on the University campus. The new Institute under the direction of Professor Laurence Patterson builds upon 30 years of cancer research at the University of Bradford.
Our brief was to develop a new identity for the institution, which would enable it to differentiate itself from other university-based research faculties and speak with authority to a wide range of stakeholders, which included funding bodies, pharmaceutical companies, regional cancer clinicians and cancer patient groups.
Initial research suggested that the Institute needed a clear and engaging device, which would help to differentiate it from similar organisations based at other universities. Also key to the success of the Institute was to have an outward facing identity, which would help to engage with the two major charities, which ultimately funded the majority of the research.
We wanted to create an image that clearly defined what research could provide for cancer sufferers and this was ‘Hope’ the symbol we developed was a seemingly impossible shape that has been made possible and represents the Institute and the pioneering work it undertakes, it makes a bold statement and has become a symbol of strength and hope.

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