We need a brand refresh, which needs to incorporate
a name change but maintain subtle links to our
previous identity.


We have worked with SUMS Consulting since 1996,
having developed their previous identity. This refresh required subtlety, balance and an affinity with the
existing identity, yet convey a fresh, forward-looking organisation in a new light.

SUMS Consulting is based at Reading University and is an independent management consultancy that works for and is owned by universities. They promote best practice across a whole range of disciplines, which enable member universities to improve efficiencies and effectiveness.
To enable the new mark to link to its previous identity we subtly changed the colour palette to give it a more contemporary feel, the box element was maintained but developed and we brought out the ‘working for universities, owned by universities’ into the main identity as we felt this added clarity as to what they did.
We produced templates for a whole raft of marketing collateral, to enable presentations and reports to be produced in-house. We produced the Annual Report for them so they had a clear benchmark as to how major publications could be produced.
The stationery used clear foil blocking over the main squares, this added gravitas and highlighted the main element of the identity, we also advised that the foil blocking could be used on other material if cost allowed.
The identity has been well received and initial feedback suggests that the new mark has fulfilled all its design objectives.

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